Orthognathic Surgery Consultations

Initial consultation and planning

At initial consultation Dr Lim will clinically assess your face and bite together with x-rays, scans and models of the teeth and will arrive at an individualised facial plan. Dr Lim uses a computer software for diagnosis and planning using x-rays and facial photos to visualise and predict the facial changes. The facial plan will be communicated to the patient and orthodontist to arrive at an orthodontic and surgical plan.

Pre-surgical Orthodontics

The patient usually undergoes a period of pre-surgical orthodontics to prepare for the surgery. The period of orthodontics will vary depending on each patient and the required movements. On average, it is usually 12 months.

Surgical Work-up

Once the patient has been adequately prepared orthodontically, a further intensive planning session is required to plan the surgical movements.  A surgical work-up appointment is scheduled 3 to 4 weeks prior to surgery where precise records are taken to allow a detailed plan and 3D simulation of the surgery. At your work-up appointment, Dr Lim will take facial measurements and the models of the teeth are assessed. Dr Lim will also take facial recordings including a wax record of the patient’s bite and the patient’s teeth are scanned to produce a 3D model.  The patient is then scanned with a Cone Beam CT scan and the data is then used to to produce a 3D model of the patients face, jaws and teeth for surgical planning. Dr Lim utilises both 2D and 3D computer planning.