Intra Oral Bone Grafting

How is the intra-oral bone grafting procedure done?

A small incision in the gums inside the lower lip or back of the mouth is required and a small block of bone is removed using a high frequency ultrasonic instrument called “Piezo-surgery”. This new technology allows for miminally invasive surgery, less trauma and the piezo-surgery tips are able to cut bone without damaging or cutting soft tissue such as nerves.  It takes approximately 4 to 6 months for the bone graft to heal and fuse to the bone prior to placing the implant. The bone defect will then heal completely by filling in with new bone over time. As there are no skin incisions, there is no visible scarring. As the defect is only the superficial layer (not complete thickness of jaw bone) so there will not be any permanent visible deformity of the chin or jaw.


The small bone block is then transferred to the implant site and is secured with a titianium pin or screw and protected by a collagen membrane.


The bone grafting procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia on a day surgery basis, or if more extensive grafting is required, patients will stay overnight.