Types of Bone Grafting Techniques

The technique chosen for your situation will depend on how much bone loss is present and the amount and type of bone required.


1. Simultaneous implant placement and bone grafting (Moderate Bone loss).


In most of these cases, we can augment bone at the same time as placing the dental implant. The bone graft used is often a combination of bone scrapings harvested from around the implant site combined with synthetic bone. “Bio-Oss” is bovine bone that has thoroughly tested and approved for safe usage. This artificial bone acts as a scaffold for new bone growth and after many months, your body will replace this artificial bone with new natural bone. The artificial bone comes in granular form, and often a collagen membrane is used to hold the graft in position and promote bone growth.


2. Staged Bone graft (Severe bone loss)


In some cases, it is not possible to graft at the time of implant placement due to the degree of bone loss. A staged approach is more predictable where the bone graft is done first, then after 4 to 6 months of healing, the implant is placed.