Post-Operative Instructions

Post-Operative Instructions For Dental Implants

  1. You may eat and drink as soon as you feel comfortable. A soft diet is recommended. Drinks and foods, which are excessively hot, should be avoided during the first day as they may stimulate bleeding.
  1. Place ice packs to the side of your face every 10-15 minutes over the next 6 hours to help reduce the swelling.
  1. Take you medication as prescribed. It will be helpful to take your pain medication before  the numbness from the local anaesthetic wears off.
  1. Avoid vigorous mouth rinsing on the day of surgery as this may stimulate bleeding. You should rinse your mouth carefully 4 times a day for at least one week starting from the day after your surgery. You may use mouthwash (eg: Difflam-C or Savacol mouthrinses).
  1. Continue to clean your teeth 3 times a day from the day after your surgery with a soft, toothbrush. It is important to keep your mouth very clean to prevent infection. Avoid brushing the stitched area for 1 week.
  1. Smoking is to be avoided as this will contribute to implant failure.
  1. It is normal for swelling to increase during the first 2 to 3 days and this should slowly subside over one week. You may also experience some bruising.  If bone grafting has been performed to the site then increased swelling and bruising can occur.
  1. The stitches in your mouth are resorbable. They will fall out on their own usually after 2 weeks and can take up to 4 weeks.  Some stitches may take longer than 2 weeks to resorb and Dr Lim may remove them for you if they are causing irritation.
  1. If your implant is a one stage procedure. Then you will have a temporary healing cap in place.  You can gently brush this area after 1 week of healing.  During the first week simply use mouthrinses to keep it clean.  Occasionally, this healing cap can dislodge.  Avoid using electric toothbrushes for this reason.  If it dislodges please keep the healing cap, call Dr Lim’s rooms for an appointment, and bring it in to be re-installed.  Avoid chewing hard foods over the healing cap site during the 3 month healing period.  After 3 months, you will need to come in for an implant check appointment to have the implant appointment to have the implant assessed and an X-Ray performed.  If the implant is successful then you can return to your dentist for the placement of the implant crown. A report and X-Ray will be sent to your dentist.
  1. If your implant is a two stage procedure, then the gums will be sutured and the implant buried under the gums.  Keep the area clean with mouthrinses for 1-2 weeks.  You will need to arrange a second minor surgical appointment (Stage 2 surgery) in 4-6 months time to expose the implant. A small incision will be made and the implant will be tested and a healing cap placed and gums sutured. After this appointment, you will need 3-4 weeks for the gums to heal and settle before you can return to your dentist to start the process of placing a crown (tooth) on the implant.
  1. Dentures/ Temporary teeth: The denture may need to be adjusted by Dr Lim to fit over the healing cap.  You can wear your denture over the healing cap during the healing period.  Please let Dr Lim know and come in for an adjustment if the denture feels too tight over the implant site.  Too much pressure can contribute to implant failure.  Leave the denture out at night to give the area a rest and keep it clean in a denture cleaning solution.