Sonsultation Fees


At your initial consultation, the surgical fee for your procedure will be fully discussed with you and a printed estimate including the item numbers will be available. Fees will depend your procedure and the complexity may vary from patient to patient.  For this reason, it is preferable to wait until your consultation visit for an accurate estimate of fees and we prefer not to give estimates over the phone prior to your seeing our doctors in person.

If your procedure requires a hospital visit , there will be 3 fees - surgeon's fee, hospital fees and anaesthetist fee. Private hospitals will require you to have appropriate level of Hospital Cover to be covered for theatre and ward costs. If you do not have private health insurance an estimate of fees from the hospital can be obtained from the hospital with the relevant item numbers for your procedure.  Medical procedures such as jaw surgery, bone grafting, removal of cysts will attract a medicare rebate as well as being claimable from your private health insurance. Dental Procedures are not claimable under Medicare therefore, procedures such as extraction of wisdom teeth or placement of dental implants can be claimed through “Dental Extras” cover with your private health fund.  You will also expect to receive a fee estimate from the Anaesthetist.