Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction and Implants


Often you may require a tooth to be extracted and then later replaced with an implant. It is important that the tooth is extracted with bone preservation techniques to minimise bone loss for the future implant. If it is a very broken down tooth then it may need to be removed by raising a gum flap and sectioning the tooth into pieces to preserve bone. If bone loss is severe, it may be necessary to place some artificial bone in the tooth socket to augment the site for future implant placement.


Generally, we like to wait for some healing to take place after extraction of a tooth before an implant can be placed. In some cases, 8 weeks healing would suffice, most cases will be 3 months healing, and in the molar region of the lower jaw, it can take up to 6 months for bone to heal properly prior to implant placement being possible.


Sometimes this waiting time can be reduced and an “Immediate implant“ refers to when a tooth is extracted and an implant placed in the socket at the same time. This is not always possible, and will depend on many factors such as which tooth it is and the soft tissue and bone architecture.


If your tooth extraction is a tooth that will leave a “gap” in your smile, then you may need a temporary  “Immediate Denture” made prior to your extraction appointment. This allows you to have a temporary tooth immediately after the tooth is extracted.